What our customers think about us

Every year, we ask our clients to fill out a customer service survey. This not only allows us to ensure we are meeting client expectations, but also helps us continue to work at improving. We provide these results to everyone to show that we take our customer service seriously.

Overall, clients had this to say about the service of Messick Lauer & Smith P.C.…

  • We know our practice areas very well. We live and breathe credit unions and CUSOs. We know the major
    service providers to the credit union industry and typically have negotiated our “Messick & Lauer” version of their agreement on behalf of many of our credit union and CUSO clients. This knowledge shortens considerably our clients’ “time to market” for new financial services and new collaborations of every type.
  • Our industry knowledge enables us to understand the practical business issues facing credit unions and
    CUSOs. This enables us to better advise our clients on the risk and compliance matters.
  • With the perspective gained in our nationwide practice, our role as General Counsel to NACUSO and
    interaction with regulators, we are able to provide to our clients strategic advice as they consider what services to offer and the best model through which to offer the services.
  • We are service oriented. We return phone calls promptly and meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

(based on 33 responses)

1.  Please check the persons at the firm who have provided services to you in the past year.
Response Percent
Response Count
Guy Messick63.64%21
Brian Lauer57.58%19
Amanda Smith54.55%18
Mike Heller6.06%2
Mary Lou Super18.18%6
Sheri Grisaffe6.06%2
2.  What is your opinion of our accessibility and responsiveness
  (timliness of receiving and returning phone calls and emails?)
Response Percent
Response Count
3.  What is your opinion of our knowledge of the law and relevant subject matter?
Response Percent
Response Count
4.  What is your opinion of the quality of our services?
Response Percent
Response Count
5.  What is your opinion as to the value of our services in relation to the fees paid?
Response Percent
Response Count
6.  Have our services met your expectations?
Response Percent
Response Count
7.  How do you view us?
Response Percent
Response Count
General Counsel Rule46.88%15
Special Legal Councel for Certain Subjects46.88%15
Strategic Advisor Regarding
Credit Union/ CUSO Industry Knowledge
Educational / Networking Resource21.88%7
Connecting CUSOs and Credit Unions to Opportunities46.88%15
8.  What services or subject matter have you or would you turn to us for help?
Response Percent
Response Count
CUSO Advice, Formation and / or Operation90.63%29
Consumer Law Regulatory Compliance43.75%14
Third Party Vendor Agreements / Due Diligence Issues53.13%17
Advocate on Matters with the NCUA State CU Regulator53.13%17
Credit Union Mergers21.88%7
Credit Union Charter Changes12.5%4
Governance Issues21.88%7
Loan Participations34.88%11
Business Lending Services21.88%7
Mortgage Lending Services31.25%10
Investment and Insurance Services18.75%6
Strategic Planning Facilitation9.38%3
Privacy Law Compliance12.50%4