How to Keep Innovation Flowing – CUSOs, Startups, and Equity Options Copy

CUSOs are investing in startups and fintech to add innovative services and products in a dynamic financial services industry.  The success of these organizations rests on talented individuals who often come from the for-profit world and have different motivators than those in the traditional, non-profit credit union model.  In order to maximize the value of your partnership, it’s important for CUSOs to understand the startup culture so you can incentivize employees to build a strong team that is motivated to succeed.  Learn how CUSOs can incentivize employees by granting equity options in our upcoming webinar with Brian Lauer of Messick, Lauer & Smith and John Dearing of Capstone.  The webinar will also cover how startups can plan to incentivize employees long-term and how large organizations can approach a startup to build engagement. Brian and John will offer practical tips for organizations and answer questions during the session. 

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