Insurance Services: An Opportunity for Credit Union Growth

The insurance industry presents a unique opportunity for credit unions to grow strategically. Insurance is not only a way to add value for members, but also presents a source of non-interest income. Chances are your members have some type of insurance, whether its healthcare, auto, property, or life and if they’re not getting these services from you, they are going elsewhere. Why not step in and provide additional value for your members? 

There are multiple pathways for credit unions to leverage this opportunity – whether its by partnering with another organization, investing in a CUSO, pursuing strategic mergers and acquisitions, or building your own solution. Discover which path is best for you. Join our webinar if you are considering entering the industry or you are looking for a fresh perspective to help you continue growing. 

Key Topics:

*Today’s market dynamics for insurance industry and credit unions;
*Understanding and evaluating growth options including consolidation,
distribution, breadth and diversification;
*How to identify strategic opportunities and insurance services leads;
*Developing a systematic process; and
*Learning from tools and examples.

To view this webinar, please follow the following link:

YOUR PRESENTER:  John Dearing is a Managing Director at Capstone, an advisory firm focused on helping companies grow through proactive, strategic growth programs. We have helped numerous credit union and CUSO leaders develop, evaluate, and implement initiatives for building their organizations. Learn more at 

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